10 Checks For Shortlisting The Right Software Developer For Your Business

More and more businesses are opting for custom made software solutions for an issue peculiar to their businesses. Choosing a right software developer can be very confusing and ending up with a bad selection can be very costly. When you see software developing companies of all shapes and sizes every 100 meters, the choice becomes really difficult. Here are 10 checks to shortlist the right developer for you.

Get referrals from people
You can always ask for referrals of their old customers. Still better, ask your friends and associates about their tried and trusted software developer. This leads to a credible vendor.
Discuss about coding
You don’t have to be an expert in coding. Still you can ask the questions and observe ‘how’ they are answered. Discuss them with your knowledgeable friends.
Check the company portfolio
See if the developer has served clients similar to you – product or services, size of business, similar issues solved. Also you can see if the developed is focused on a particular vertical of clients, or has a varied portfolio.
Understand different software systems
Ask questions. Understand how he would go about your work, why he is making certain choices.
Focus on delivery time
If not delivered in time, a software turns into a nightmare, a never-ending story. To avoid, be clear on scope, features and have a commitment on delivery time.
Pay attention on user experience
The software is to be used by the end user. The user experience is its focal point, Observe how this point is addressed by the software developer.
Emphasize upon goodcommunication skills
Make sure you speak the same language. Ensure there is no gap in communication. See how the company minutes your discussion, if different people contact you, if the communication is clear, concise and consistent.
Clarify about the application ownership
It’s your property and you must own it. Confirm who will have the source code. To save some money, a company may end up washing hands with the ownership of their own software. This may lead in some horror stories, which can be completely avoided with a little vigilance.
Consider security and safety issues
If often takes a side-stage when the focus of discussion is about the scope, delivery time, UI etc. However you must consider the security of software. By asking some simple questions about the checking the codes for vulnerability, username-password protocols you can understand how the developer is going to protect your software.
Clarify about after-development support
Like any other product, it needs post-sale support. Especially in the first year more support is needed. Check the policy and practice of the developer regarding first year support and subsequent AMC.

Outsourcing software development of your company is a crucial decision; finding a right developer is a challenge. We hope you find these 10 points useful. Do write to us to share your experiences, ask questions and contribute some insights.
Good luck for finding the right software partner in progress!