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Coal Trading In India
Scraps and Metal Trading

We are the trader for the below services on bulk demand:

Scrap Material - Cut steel scrap, long steel dumpings, machined scrap, Shredded and machined scrap, copper tubings and many more.

Metal Trade - Widely work on Sheet, Plate, Pipe, Monel Sheet, Plate, Inconel Sheet, Plate, Pipe etc...

Coal Trading

Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global physical and financial coal markets

We are one of just two truly global operators in thermal coal and are committed to following the highest regulatory standards applicable to this commodity across the world. We continue to secure volume growth and increased market share. Our focus is on innovative origination strategies, trading flows and delivery methods. We source coking coal for global steel producers and are growing our presence in coke and petcoke.

Coal Trading In India
Copper & Aluminium Trading In India
Copper & Aluminium Trading

Copper is the world’s third most widely used metal, particularly in electrical applications, copper is listed on a number of major international exchanges.
We widely trade in copper and export with the fine quality.

Aluminium as a metal has countless of properties that make it very useful in a wide range of application. It is very strong for its weight, but easy to transform its shape.

Why work with us?

Softflame is one of the leading company for scrap trading and metal trading and is your go-to place to sell all your unwanted iron and iron alloy materials. With us, you'll get the best deal for your scrap metal.

We also buy select electronic scrap, including computer towers, laptops, hard drives, power supply boxes, green and brown boards, memory and chips, as well as cell phones.

Our dedication to your satisfaction goes beyond our scrap metal services. We specialize in working with auto shops for all types of scrap metal, including catalytic converters, car rims, as well as most replaceable parts (except whole automobiles & frames).

With Regards,
Sagar Dighade, CEO-Scrap Trading

Trading Services In India

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